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Freeport, the second largest town in the Bahamas, is also the newest city within the islands and one of the most desirable places for investors looking to purchase Bahamas real estate. Home to a variety of restaurants, world-class resorts, and a large cruise ship terminal, Freeport is a haven for the nearly one million tourists that visit the island each year. With convenient access to daily flights on major air carriers, such as American Airlines, Bahamasair, Continental, U.S. Airways, Delta Air Lines, and Spirit Airlines, Grand Bahama is also a haven for Bahamas real estate investors looking for a tropical retreat with easy access to the conveniences found within Freeport.

One of the closest islands within the Bahamas to Florida, Grand Bahama is less than 60 miles from the Florida coast. Government tax incentives, a solid infrastructure and world-class tourist activities also make the island an ideal place to purchase a Bahamas vacation home or rental property.

Grand Bahama Island Communities

View our MLS listings to learn more about specific listings in the Grand Bahama real estate market, such as Freeport condos; Bahamas vacation homes; Bahamas beachfront property; or Bahamas luxury homes, with access to breathtaking views and a picturesque Atlantic-facing beach in bustling Freeport.

Residential Lots
Listing no.: 4432
Price: $ 130000
Waterfront Residential Lo...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 5093
Price: $ 74000
Brigantine Bay Estates Lo...
This lot located in Brigantine Estates, one of the...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 5461
Price: $ 120000
South Ocean Estates Lot
This elevated lot is located in the highly desired...
Listing no.: 5533
No. of Bedrooms: 2
Price: $ 3600000
The Reef At Atlantis
Discover a whole new way to experience Atlantis in...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 6811
Price: $ 165000
Charlotteville Lot #99
This 7,200 sq. ft. lot is located in the secure an...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 13417
Price: $ 45000
Gilpin Lots
Listing no.: 7027
No. of Bedroom: 1
Price: $ 140000
Charming Baycroft Apartme...
Listing no.: 3566
No. of Bedrooms: 5
Price: $ 794000
West Bay Street Villas
Spectacular oceanfront 3 bed and 5 bed villas. (14...
Listing no.: 6817
No. of Bedrooms: 2
Price: $ 302500
Twin Lakes Townhouses
Located in the quiet neighborhood of Twin Lakes, t...
Listing no.: 6334
No. of Bedrooms: 4
Price: $ 3650000
Bahamian-Style Home - Old...
This lovely Bahamian inspired style home sits on t...
Listing no.: 6184
No. of Bedrooms: 3
Price: $ 232000
Winchester Street Home
This home is located in the central district of Na...
Listing no.: 3812
No. of Bedrooms: 5
Price: $ 1750000
Marbella Villas
Very well built 2 story, 5 bedroom villa with abso...
Commercial Buildings
Listing no.: 5858
Price: $ 1500000
Cable Beach Office Comple...
This attractive office complex consist of 2 buildi...
Listing no.: 6390
No. of Bedrooms: 2
Price: $ 5500000
Angel Cove Acreage
Angel Cove is an amazing beachfront property compr...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 2986
Price: $ 65000
Treasure Cay Lot
Listing no.: 5801
No. of Bedrooms: 8
Price: $ 750000
Apartment Building
Bring all offers! This is a fantastic opportunity ...
Listing no.: 6053
No. of Bedrooms: 3
Price: $ 650000
Water's Edge - Delaporte
Only four of these luxury three bedroom, three and...
Listing no.: 6744
No. of Bedrooms: 4
Price: $ 380000
Casuarina Close Home
Built in 2010 this 2-storey house in Killarney Sho...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 1441
Price: $ 160000
Butter Bay Lot
Acreage on the beautiful island of Abaco.
Listing no.: 6381
No. of Bedrooms: 6
Price: $ 5900000
Luxury Canal Front Home
This elegant home lies within the exclusive, world...
Multi Family Lots
Listing no.: 6651
Price: $ 295000
Cannon Bay Waterfront Pro...
Amazing canal front property situated just of Gran...
Listing no.: 4039
No. of Bedrooms: 3
Price: $ 434000
Starlight Cove
Luxury Townhome for Sale
Multi Family Lots
Listing no.: 6900
Price: $ 37500
Grand Bahama Duplex Lot
This affordable Duplex property is being sold at a...
Commercial Buildings
Listing no.: 4939
Price: $ 8500000
Prime Commercial Building
This prime commercial building overlooks the Nassa...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 2897
Price: $ 7500
Bahama Sound Lot
Vacant land for sale.
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 1448
Price: $ 55000
Deadman's Cay Lot
Listing no.: 6877
No. of Bedrooms: 3
Price: $ 392000
Best Value in Treasure Co...
Located in the secure family-oriented community of...
Listing no.: 13552
No. of Bedrooms: 3
Price: $ 465000
Bahama Palm Shores Home
Comfortable three bedroom, three bathroom, two sto...
Listing no.: 6750
No. of Bedrooms: 2
Price: $ 415000
Ocean Mist Townhouse
Beautiful oceanfront townhome located near the Cab...
Listing no.: 1398
No. of Bedrooms: 5
Price: $ 520000
Sunset View Villas
Lovely, three storey condominium enjoying scenic v...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 6316
Price: $ 55000
Ocean View Lots
Waterfront and ocean view lots near the quiet sett...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 3055
Price: $ 600000
Sea Shells-Cotton Bay Lot...
A great new developing community nestled into 220 ...
Listing no.: 5196
No. of Bedrooms: 5
Price: $ 3500000
Ocean Club Estates Home
This cozy family home features a split level desig...
Multi Family Lots
Listing no.: 3799
Price: $ 112489
South Seas Multi Family L...
These multi family lots are located in a new water...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 6522
Price: $ 36000
Ocean View Lot
Residential hilltop ocean view lot, very secluded ...
Listing no.: 5652
No. of Bedrooms: 3
Price: $ 920000
Exquisite Beachfront Hide...
Located in Coral Harbour on the island of New Prov...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 20036
Price: $ 150000
Spanish Wells Vacant Lot
Prime Lot For Sale In Spanish Wells
Listing no.: 5539
No. of Bedrooms: 2
Price: $ 649000
Point of View
Very spacious condominium offering 2 bedrooms with...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 4457
Price: $ 90000
Hilltop Lot
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 14123
Price: $ 60000
Casuarina Point Lot 5, Se...
Listing no.: 6876
No. of Bedrooms: 3
Price: $ 400000
Sandyport Townhouse
This three-story, 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath townhouse is...
Listing no.: 6556
No. of Bedrooms: 3
Price: $ 437500
Exquisite Family Home
This beautifully finished 3 beds, 2 baths home...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 6219
Price: $ 30000
Interior Island Lot
Very nice interior lot at Rainbow Bay, Eleuthera, ...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 6791
Price: $ 20000
Emerald Bay Lot
This Grand Bahama residential property is situated...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 6811
Price: $ 165000
Charlotteville Lot #99
This 7,200 sq. ft. lot is located in the secure an...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 6525
Price: $ 127000
Venice Bay Lot for Sale
Corner lot in Venice Bay. This 10,000 sq. ft. lot ...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 14219
Price: $ 149900
Lubbers Quarters Lots
A rare opportunity to own TWO adjoining lots and a...
Listing no.: 6732
No. of Bedrooms: 4
Price: $ 1200000
Waterfront Dreams
This amazing waterfront Grand Bahama home is nestl...
Multi Family Lots
Listing no.: 3238
Price: $ 229000
North Westridge Multi Fam...
Hill top Multi family lots 14 in total, situated i...
Listing no.: 5015
Price: $ 350000
Palm Cay Townhomes
Nestling on the south eastern shores of New Provid...
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