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Freeport, the second largest town in the Bahamas, is also the newest city within the islands and one of the most desirable places for investors looking to purchase Bahamas real estate. Home to a variety of restaurants, world-class resorts, and a large cruise ship terminal, Freeport is a haven for the nearly one million tourists that visit the island each year. With convenient access to daily flights on major air carriers, such as American Airlines, Bahamasair, Continental, U.S. Airways, Delta Air Lines, and Spirit Airlines, Grand Bahama is also a haven for Bahamas real estate investors looking for a tropical retreat with easy access to the conveniences found within Freeport.

One of the closest islands within the Bahamas to Florida, Grand Bahama is less than 60 miles from the Florida coast. Government tax incentives, a solid infrastructure and world-class tourist activities also make the island an ideal place to purchase a Bahamas vacation home or rental property.

Grand Bahama Island Communities

View our MLS listings to learn more about specific listings in the Grand Bahama real estate market, such as Freeport condos; Bahamas vacation homes; Bahamas beachfront property; or Bahamas luxury homes, with access to breathtaking views and a picturesque Atlantic-facing beach in bustling Freeport.

Multi Family Lots
Listing no.: 3994
Price: $ 179000
Westridge Multi-Family Lo...
Listing no.: 6732
No. of Bedrooms: 4
Price: $ 1200000
Waterfront Dreams
This amazing waterfront Grand Bahama home is nestl...
Listing no.: 20033
No. of Bedrooms: 3
Price: $ 636000
Spanish Wells Home
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 4325
Price: $ 352500
Russell Island Waterfront...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 4787
Price: $ 485000
North Side Beachfront Pro...
Located centrally in Spanish Wells, this piece of ...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 2972
Price: $ 30000
Hartswell Lot
Listing no.: 19615
No. of Bedrooms: 5
Price: $ 775000
Listing no.: 6838
No. of Bedrooms: 2
Price: $ 335000
Out Island Getaway!
A chance to escape! The tranquility of Long Island...
Listing no.: 17612
Price: $ 15000
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 2897
Price: $ 7500
Bahama Sound Lot
Vacant land for sale.
Listing no.: 5558
No. of Bedrooms: 3
Price: $ 310000
Chazon Estates
This charming 3 bed, 2 bath home features 10 foot ...
Listing no.: 4719
No. of Bedrooms: 3
Price: $ 586280
South Ocean Palms-Poincia...
This impressive 3-bedroom (with option to utilize ...
Listing no.: 19476
Price: $ 699000
Pelican Shores
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 1432
Price: $ 115000
Treasure Cay Lot
Vacant land near canal, priced right. Lot #14...
Commercial Buildings
Listing no.: 6682
Price: $ 1825000
Rosetta Street Commercial...
This unique commercial property is situated on a b...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 5625
Price: $ 125000
Royal Palm Bay Lot
Listing no.: 19572
No. of Bedrooms: 2
Price: $ 497000
Elysium, Oceab Blvd.
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 6316
Price: $ 55000
Ocean View Lots
Waterfront and ocean view lots near the quiet sett...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 5565
Price: $ 245000
Skyline Drive Lot
This wooded lot, located on prestigious Skyline Dr...
Listing no.: 3989
Price: $ 55000
Flamingo Bay Lot
Listing no.: 3566
No. of Bedrooms: 5
Price: $ 794000
West Bay Street Villas
Spectacular oceanfront 3 bed and 5 bed villas. (14...
Listing no.: 16522
Price: $ 73200
Wood Cay Abaco
Listing no.: 5601
No. of Bedrooms: 3
Price: $ 320000
Sans Souci Family Home
Well maintained family home located in the great l...
Listing no.: 4577
No. of Bedroom: 1
Price: $ 550000
The Reef at Atlantis
"The Reef", created by world renowned developers, ...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 1439
Price: $ 150000
Cooper's Town Acreage
Peaceful out island acreage for sale.
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 4482
Price: $ 117000
Island Lot
Listing no.: 5997
No. of Bedrooms: 9
Price: $ 8000000
"Kokomo Beach" Home
'Kokomo House' is located within the exclusive gat...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 13829
Price: $ 145000
Bahama Palm Shores Homesi...
Great Bahama Palm Shores homesite located in the e...
Listing no.: 20687
Price: $ 375000
Listing no.: 6537
No. of Bedrooms: 2
Price: $ 400000
Delaporte Point Townhouse
Comfort in a newly constructed 1,250 SF, two bedro...
Listing no.: 19737
No. of Bedrooms: 2
Price: $ 299000
Beach Villa # 506
Listing no.: 3372
No. of Bedrooms: 4
Price: $ 1500000
Tilloo Cay Home
This breathtaking island home is located in beauti...
Listing no.: 3275
Price: $ 523000
Rawson Court Condominium
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 6018
Price: $ 18000
Residential Lot - Mastic ...
This 10,800 sq. ft. residential lot in the settlem...
Listing no.: 4857
No. of Bedrooms: 3
Price: $ 479000
Columbus Cove Luxury Apar...
Set on an unspoiled beach frontage on the northwes...
Listing no.: 5501
No. of Bedrooms: 4
Price: $ 485000
Beautiful Blair Home
This home has everything desired in an executive r...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 6663
Price: $ 70000
Ocean View Residential Lo...
This 1/2 acre hilltop lot is centrally located and...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 3781
Price: $ 850000
Orchid Bay Lot
Listing no.: 5242
No. of Bedroom: 1
Price: $ 263000
Pineapple Fields Condomin...
Be a part of this great opportunity at the beautif...
Listing no.: 4454
No. of Bedrooms: 3
Price: $ 459000
Milmar Townhouses
Milmar Townhouses is a gated development in the he...
Listing no.: 14080
No. of Bedrooms: 2
Price: $ 935000
North Star
1 bedroom/1 bath in main house and a breezeway con...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 13660
Price: $ 340000
Bookies Bay
50 fabulous feet of pristine Bookies Bay beach. L...
Listing no.: 18205
Price: $ 1472000
Sea to Bay #2
Listing no.: 20631
Price: $ 995000
Multi-Family Parcel
Commercial Buildings
Listing no.: 14167
Price: $ 99000
Harbour Village Commercia...
Schooner Bay is a sustainable, environmentally con...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 6804
Price: $ 95000
Coral Harbour Residential...
This affordable residential lot situated in the so...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 5298
Price: $ 450000
Your Golden Opportunity I...
Located in the much sought after popular Sandyport...
Residential Lots
Listing no.: 4481
Price: $ 96000
Vacant Lot
Vacant Lot for Sale
Listing no.: 4458
Price: $ 1500000
Hard Bargain
This unusually large parcel of beautiful land on t...
Listing no.: 2524
No. of Bedrooms: 3
Price: $ 598000
Mount Vernon Home
Large multi level family home on lovely, lush land...
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